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believe that the laws are in place to further our society -- >> bill: woe. woe. woe. it's not illegal to be gay. >> caller: it's not illegal to be gay, but the laws are in place to have one man, one woman, and because we have got one man, one woman, our population will continue to thrive -- >> bill: but adale, i don't think you have thought this through my friend. we used to have laws that said black people couldn't drink from the same water fountain too, right? and we changed that law. we have changed a lot of laws that we found out that those laws were wrong. we're talking about in a civil ceremony that people can get married. what harm would it be if one of your gay relatives got married to a person of the same sex. >> caller: it would not because any harm to me. if they decide to do what they decide to do that is on them. what i'm saying i don't believe there should be laws in place -- >> bill: why should there be laws which prohibit some americans from having the same rights that you do? >> caller: because first it's -- it's -- i don't think it's a civi
to push big laws, and then you are occupied with this other garbage and it makes no sense. if people are going to smoke, they are going to smoke anyway. it doesn't matter. it's like holding alcohol from kids, they are still going to be drunk. by the time they are 21 they are already drunk. >> bill: all right. we got it john. skeptical about any laws whatsoever. i think sometimes people believe the purpose of getting elected is to pass new laws. i have often thought maybe the purpose should be to get rid of some of the laws that we have. so i'm always skeptical about that. but at the same time with mayor bloomberg, it does seem that he's just on this kick right? that he is going to make everybody in new york just like him. >> yeah, exactly. >> bill: i'm perfect. i don't smoke. right? i don't drink bill gulps. >> i don't eat too much salt. >> bill: right. and i never have msg in my food so you are going to be as perfect as i am, or i'm going to die trying. i don't think this will work. >> announcer: this the "bill press show." support the drug war you must be high. cenk u
changed that. gay marriage, he changed that up in new york. they went ahead and changed the laws on the guns. in colorado, they did it. they changed the gun laws. and so at this point, if we can't get the federal government to do it i mean, you know with the gerrymandering, we are not going to get anything until 2014 when we might be able to get some of these people out of the government, out of the federal government. hopefully rally the democrats to come back to the poles and actually --ls and actually -- i don't know what we can do about that. so at this point, you know, until 2014, you know, we are not going to be able to get these people out of the government to change these laws. >> bill: you make a lot of since, julie anne. first of all, it's clear. we do need a federal statute because not all the 50 states are ever going to ban the sale of these weapons. as long as they can be bought and sold in one state, then they will filter out and be able to get out into every other state. it's just the way gun trafficking works. in the meantime, the ch
and said don't, don't come closer please. >> sandra wright: my son to this day and my daughter-in-law both feel that they are glad that they were there to take care of things and also to see him and and feel his body and so that it was very, very real. hunter s. thompson died at five forty-five p.m. february 20th, 2005. he was sixty-seven years old. >> sandra wright: he was born a genius and he was born with that charisma and he was also born with that tortured soul and where that comes from, i don't know. [ music ] >> bill: hey, good morning, everybody. what do you say? it is monday. hope you had a great weekend and are ready to tackle the big stories. weekend. another blockbuster week here from our nation's capitol. we will bring you up to date. not only in what's happening here in our nation's camtol. what's happening across the country and across the planet and give you a chance to talk about it. tell us what it all means to you. give us a call on our toll-free number at 866-55-press. 866-55-7377 and we offerwelcome your calls. what a great day president obama bac
law. >> you know, jimmy, i believe that -- [ laughter ]. >> if everybody had guns then there would be fewer guns in the stores. [ laughter ] >> bill: she is so good. she has got it down. she could have given that speech at cpac and nobody would have known the difference. seriously. >> yeah. truth. truth. >> bill: what does sarah palin think about same-sex marriage? >> what about -- i know it's a touchy subject. same-sex marriage, what is your view on that? >> well, the bible says it is gross. marriage is meant for people where wear different kinds of swimsuits. [ laughter ] >> bill: which makes as much sense as any of the other arguments against marriage equality. lois franko will be joining us later in the hour but first -- >> announcer: this is the "full court press." >> march madness with a couple of upsets yesterday. harvard debeating new mexico. that's a bracket buster for many. oregon beating oklahoma state, and number 9 wichita state over pittsburgh. and syracuse beat montana 81-34. >> good grief. >> bill: i know. who is tied among our team for number 1?
in the hands of law enforcement for the purposes you say -- and you would like this. the drone doing the high-speed car chase, and searching hundreds of miles of water for an overturned capsized boat yes. but they are getting increasingly smaller and tell thinker. we now have humming bird sized drones that can fly through your bedroom window and perch on your wall and do surveillance. >> bill: divorce lawyers are going to have a field day. >> they have drones that have small explosive charges that can take out you and not the guy next to you. we have bug-sized drones. you don't need to wiretap your phone anymore. you can fly it in and put it up in your bedroom, in your living room, and surveil your whole house. so people want limits on this stuff now before the technology becomes more widespread. >> bill: i am stunned. i didn't know that technology existed. oh, my god. that big fly that we were chasing around the studio yesterday -- >> we were. >> take another look. >> bill: it could have been a drone. >> we couldn't kill it either. it was the unkillable fly. oh, my god,
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6